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American Indian War - U.S. Army 1872 Post Civil War Kepi, NY 23rd Infantry Regiment - ORIGINAL RARE -SOLD


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Original American Indian War U.S. Army 1872 Kepi

-  NEW YORK 23rd Regiment  -

 THIS IS A NICE INDIAN WAR KEPI- In great period used condition

This is an all Original American Indian War U.S. Army New York 23rd Infantry Regiment post Civil War Kepi. The kepi is in great shape, leather head band is attached and in decent shape. On the front is a late post Civil War period infantry insignia badge with the number 23 in the middle (23rd New York). The buttons on the Kepi are Union Staff buttons from the Civil War period. The kepi is gray in color as was the New York Regiment in the late 1870s, not faded blue, they eventually did change to blue. The kepi was made by - "JH McKinney & Co. Military Goods, New York". stamped inside the kepi, hard to make out but there. JH McKinney & Co was in business from 1864 - 1872  New York. This is a great military item that was produced by a known military goods manufacturer right after the Civil War. The leather band is in great shape for it's age, just a great piece. Chinstrap is there but barley on. Displays real nice, most people think it's Confederate because of the color and the style, it's not, but looks great. - SOLD- - 

This would make a great display piece and would be a great addition to any fine collection or museum.