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WWII German Panzerschreck with Blast-Shield, Captured 1943, Demilled Non-Firing - ORIGINAL VERY RARE - SOLD

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Original WWII German Panzerschreck w/Blast-Shield "Demilled"

WWII Non-Firing Panzerschreck, "1943" Captured in North Africa -

 THIS IS A NICE DISPLAY - In great battlefield condition

This is an excellent display piece for your German collection. WWII original demilled Panzerschreck with Blast-Shield. Included is two (2) demilled RPzB HEAT Rockets and original pink color Panzer caring case.  This is an original, all original parts (a hole was cut in the main tube to make it a demilled non-firing original display piece). Original period painted Afrika Korps camouflage. Includes original Panzerschreck leather sling, rare. Looks and feels just like a live gun, but cannot be made to fire. The Panzerschreck cocks and trigger fires.

Captured from the Germans in 1943 Noirth Africa, shoulder launched 88mm rocket anti-tank rifle. Non-firing display, 1943 dated. The Panzerschreck was designed as a lightweight infantry anti-tank weapon. The weapon was shoulder-launched and fired a fin-stabilized rocket with a shaped charged warhead. It was made in smaller numbers than the Panzerfaust, which was the disposable style. The Germans had captured an U.S. American Bazooka. The Germans liked the American Bazooka so much they copied it, they enlarged it slightly, changed a few things, added a Blast-Shield and called it the Panzerschreck. 

There are only a few of these known to exist, only a couple in private hand. The only few that I've seen were in museums. Very, very hard to find and very desirable by collectors and museums. 

This is a fantastic all original German Afrikakorps Panzerschreck, captured 1943, has the original leather sling, blast-shield, demilled rockets and a original 1944 rocket carring case. Don't miss out on this one, you may never see a Panzerschreck for sale again. This would make a great addition to any high end collection or fine museum.