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WWII German Pioniere Officer's Visor Cap - ORIGINAL RARE -


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Original WWII German Army Pioniere Officer's Visor Cap

- Period Correct with Makers Mark Stamped "Deutsche Wertabeit" -

 THIS IS A GREAT VISOR CAP - In great period used condition

Army Pioniere Officers Visor Cap By Deutsche Wertarbeit, as marked inside the cap with the manufactures stamp. This handsome cap is produced in a high quality doeskin wool that is very soft and remains quite nice! There has been some breakoff of the sweet band that could use some attention. The front peak is prominent, giving the cap a great look and feel. The dark black piping for engineer personnel is excellent as is the dark gray/green badge cloth center band. The aluminum alloy eagle and wreath look great and were abviouslly period applied and original. The Officer’s bullion chin cords are great and securely affixed to the cap via a pair of small silver pebbled aluminum buttons. The black vulkanfibre visor shows minor crazing and fading as would be expected from a period piece. The underside of the visor is finished in tan. The top panel of the interior is lined in golden rayon which show the wear marks of the original owner. The sides of the interior are lined in ribbed gold rayon. There is a makers stamp crest that is faded but reads "Deutsche Wertarbeit", "with two lions, one on each side of a crest, with a key in the middle, and H-B on ether side, Gear 1888 is stamped on the bottom of the crest". The sweet band is tan leather and has a stamp that reads "GENUINE MILAN" This is a great example of an original Army Officers Cap. Would be a nice add to any collection!