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WWII Uniform of Brigadier General Albert F. Hegenberger with Chennault's "Flyin Tiger" General Stars - ORIGINAL RARE -


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Original WWII 14th Army Air Force "Flying Tigers", ID'd Group

"The Famous - General Chennault's Brigadier General Star" -

 THIS IS A RARE UNIFORM - In great used condition

This uniform was worn by Brigadier General Albert F. Hegenberger, Deputy Commander 14th Army Air Force - Known as "The Flying Tigers". During the three years of operations against the Japanese, the 14th Air Force destroyed 2,600 enemy planes, sunk 2 million tons of enemy merchant marines, knocked out 500 bridges and killed over 60,000 Japanese troops. As General Chennault's second in command of the "Flying Tigers" he was promoted in the field in China by General Chennault to Brigadier General, who gave General Albert Hegenberger is own personal brigadier generals stars, as they were the only US General stars available in Asia at the time of the field promotion. General Chennault' stars are still on this uniform.

Hegenberger developed the first blind flying landing system, and on May 9, 1932, made the first complete solo blind flight from take-off to landing, for which he was presented the 1934 Colliers Trophy on July 22, 1935, by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In January 1945, he was named chief of staff of the Fourteenth Army Air Force in the China Theater of Operations (Flying Tigers), and in August became commander of the Tenth Air Force in the same theater. In 1976 he was enshrined in the National Aviation Hall of Fame.

1). Last picture shown: - THE TACTICAL COMMANDERS of the famed "Flying Tigers" meet with Maj. Gen. C. L. Chennault, commanding general of the Fourteenth Air Force, during the observance of the Fourteenth's second anniversary. Grouped about the general at his desk are, left to right: Brig. Gen. Russell E. Randall, Merrick, N.Y., commanding general of a northern China fighter wing; Brig. Gen. Winslow C. Morse, commanding general, Chinese-American Wing; Brig. Gen. John C. Kennedy, Benniagton, Vt., commanding general of a Fourteenth composite wing; Col. Clayton B. Claassen, Galveston, Tex., wing commander; Brig. Gen. Albert F. Hegenberger, Boston, Mass., Chief of Staff.
2). Second to last picture shown: - In the picture above of GENERAL CHENNAULT you see his Major General stars, now, we know that General Chennault gave his own General stars to General Hegenberger. It is believed that the inner General stars in this photo are the ones General Chennault gave to General Hegenberger in the field, the ones still on the uniform today. The inner stars are of the clasp bar type, you can see the raised edge of the star, the out stars appear to be the pin type, see how they are secured better to the uniform.  General Hegenberger's stars are of the clasp type, they rare and unusual for that period, most General stars have the pin type. General Chennault pulled his own inner original Brigadier stars off his uniform and pined General Hegenberger with them, the only ones he had in the theater at the time, the ones in the picture above.

As a fantastic collectors piece, this was in a prominent museum back east until recently, until they sold out their entire collection, The Veterans Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. This is a fantastic collection, the uniform of General Hegenberger, the stars on the uniform that were General Chennault brigadier stars, commanders of the famous "Flying Tigers". This is the uniform for any high end collection or fine museum, take advantage while it can be purchased, add it your collection, display or museum today.