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WWII U.S. Marine Group, "#502" 25th Marine Reg. 4th Marines, "Iwo Jima" - ORIGINAL - SOLD


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Original WWII U.S. 4th Marine Group

"U.S. Marines Uniform - Battle of Iwo Jima"

 THIS IS A NICE RARE UNIFORM - In great battle used condition

This is a U.S. Marines uniform grouping with the entrenching tool stenciled "502" indicating 25th Marine Infantry regiment, HQ, Company A, 4th Marines. 25th Marine Infantry Regiment took part in the battle of Iwo Jima, battle of Tinian, battle of Saipan, and the battle of Kwajalein. This is a great original uniform that was used in the Pacific theater of operations in WWII. This uniform is battle used "salty" Grouping consists of the following: 1). His P1941 green utility jacket, herringbone twill, with Marine buttons. Three flapless pockets with "USMC" and "EGA" on upper left pocket, crisp, clean and faded. The pocket is the flat bottom style of WWII. The buttons are bronze, non-magnetic. There is a name on the back collar, faded can't read it.  2). His 1941 green utility herringbone twill trousers, straight wide leg . 3). His M1941 field jacket, very salty great battle used jacket, type worn on Iwo Jima and shown in many pictures worn by Marines. 4). His USMC web pistol belt marked "USMC" and named not readable. with 1911 leather holster marked - "BOYT -42-", first aid pouch, marked - B.A. & Co. ???3, two canteen (bunny ear) covers, type P3 & P4 with canteens.  The P3 cover (no hole) has no markings, the canteen is marked - "U.S. G.P. & F. CO. 1943", cup marked -"L.F. & C. 1941" , the P4 cover (with hole) is not marked, canteen is marked - "U.S. G.P. & F. CO. 1944"  and cup marked - "U.S. B.E. CO. 1944", Thompson Machine Gun magazine pouch marked - "U.S.M.C. R.M. CO. 1942".  5). USMC machete scabbard marked -"U.S.M.C." dated "1943". 6). USMC machete, manufactured marked -"True Temper U.S. 1944". 7). USMC shovel entrenching tool with marine unit markings - "underlined 502" = 25th Marines (Infantry Regiment), Weapons Company, of the 4th Marines Division., with US shovel. 9). USMC M1941 haversack marked - "USMC BOYT -44-". 10). M1 Helmet - early fixed bale, front seam, lot No. 156C, with Westinghouse liner, correct darker WWII green. Real nice period correct helmet. 11). USMC camouflage cover, 1st pattern no slits with the exception of the two period cut with a K-Bar knife for the chinstrap. All shapes are correct and authentic, the stitching is correct, open serge triangle "saw teeth" on the desert tan side and closed serge loupe on the jungle green side. This is a true WWII cover with NO EGA stenciled. This is the real thing and fantastic looking on the helmet. 12). Marine leggings, six grommets, marked - "5L" on one and "5R" on the other. 13). USMC boots or field shoes (Boondockers) with Goodyear soles. 

This is a real nice complete grouping of a U.S. Marine soldier in WWII, early to mid war uniform. Great display, would look good in any museum or high-end collection. As displayed in e militaria collector store.  

NOTE: THE THOMPSON MACHINE GUN IS FOR DISPLAY ONLY AND NOT PART OF THIS GROUPING. The Thompson Machine Gun is a demilled original weapon and added in the photographs for a better display. Look in Military Weapons and Armaments at e Militaria Collector Store for this gun. "THIS GUN IS DEMILLED and CAN NOT BE MADE TO FIRE"